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July 16th, 2009 | Category: Adoption Again

Life is busy right now.¬† We have the move to Australia happening on 3rd August which is less than three weeks away.¬† There are Customs forms to complete for the household goods we’re taking, there are things to do with Yarra before he can go (buy a kennel that suits the travel requirements, a final vet check, booking him on the plane – it can only be done 10 days prior to departure, among other things), I have to find a good home for my budgie, there is luggage to purchase so that we can take as much clothing and knick knacks that we think we would need immediately on our arrival, and we have a whole list of little odds and ends that have to be done. ¬†¬† Meanwhile, we continue to work.¬† I think my last day will by July 27th (in 11 days).¬† On top of all that, we have our second adoption paperwork that we’re trying to complete before the move (to make things easier!).¬†¬† My Dad has been wonderful and has obtained a certified copy of my birth certificate but the Chinese consulate in Australia needs to see my passport to authenticate the document, so that will have to wait until I arrive there.¬†¬† I’m just waiting on my doctor’s appointment which is set for tomorrow (July 17th) and the results from those tests, as well as Madison’s doctor’s appointment on July 24th and the paperwork from that before I go to the Secretary of State at 1700 Broadway in Denver to have all of the documents I have certified.¬† Then I can send them to the Chinese consulate here in the US to have them authenticated.¬†¬†¬† We still need another one or two social worker visits on top of that.¬† Oh, yes…and the closing for our house is set for July 24th as well.¬† Can someone please stop the world, just for a minute?¬† I need some time! ¬† Next on the list…finding jobs in Melbourne, finding a home, finding transport options, and I’m sure there will be more – I just can’t think that far ahead right now.

Heading for the next part of our lives…please stay with us!




July 07th, 2009 | Category: Adoption Again

Yesterday (Monday 6th July), a week after we met with Myra for our first homestudy, she was back at our place for our second meeting.   We have given her most of the paperwork that she needs to write the report for us.  There are just the medicals and the CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) reports to have sent to her now.

On a different note, we’ve been having a great time with my sister and Kurt’s sister this week.¬† Yesterday, we even made time to all see a movie together – a rare treat for us!¬† Stephanie heads off today and Eileen is leaving tomorrow.¬† Karsten will be arriving on Thursday.



Fingerprints again

June 24th, 2009 | Category: Adoption Again

How many times can one person be fingerprinted?¬† We just went in today to be fingerprinted AGAIN.¬† It seemed to take forever.¬† Perhaps it just felt like forever because Madi was overtired and running around faster than we could keep up with her.¬† Perhaps it was because when it was almost our turn to be fingerprinted (I was number 16 and Kurt was number 18), they called out “14, 15, anyone to be fingerprinted?” and a guy who had number fifty something piped up with yes and they said “come on then” and then all of us before him became a little agitated!¬† Perhaps it was the fact that the guy taking my prints (who was very nice and was volunteering) printed my right hand twice instead of one right and one left and then we had to start all over again.¬† Then Kurt came in and within a matter of about 5 more minutes we were out of there.¬† Our prints only last 15 months (hmmmmm, I believe I’ve had them all my life, but they tell me they last only 15 months), so I’m sure we’ll be going through this joyous activity again at some point.¬†¬† I’m looking past that now, though.¬† We have taken another step towards our second child, so we’re getting closer.



Officially on the Paper Chase again

June 20th, 2009 | Category: Adoption Again

Well, it’s official.¬† We’ve begun the paper chase again.¬†¬† I went to the Orientation yesterday (Friday 19th June) at the CCAI Agency office in Greenwood Village.¬† We knew that a few things had changed from our first experience in terms of the paperwork, but the fact that there is a lot of paperwork and procedures has not changed.¬† I printed up the Adoption Dossier Guide (CCAI is amazing and has everything explained in detail for us) and have written our adoption petition.¬† The next step is to order our marriage and birth certificates.¬† If I stay organized, we’ll get there eventually!



Brother or sister?

June 09th, 2009 | Category: Adoption Again

We’ve started on the adoption journey again.¬† On Thursday, June 4th 2009, we sent the names of our three references to CCAI.¬† Kurt took the adoption application into the CCAI office yesterday (June 8th) along with some other paperwork.¬†¬† It looks like I will be attending an orientation session on Friday afternoon (June 19th).¬† Then, the paperwork trail and lots of waiting begins!¬† We’re all excited, though.¬† Kurt asked Madi yesterday, “Would you like a brother or a sister?”.¬† “A brother” was the answer.¬† Then later, “a sister”.¬† “Can I teach them things?”¬† “Yes, you can!”