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A Name is Chosen

January 02nd, 2006 | Category: History

We have been kicking around a few ideas lately for names, mostly girl names as there is a very strong chance for a girl and not so much for a boy. Anyhow, our choice for a girl is Madison Ellis Beyer.

The first name comes from my hometown of Madison, WI.

The middle name of Ellis comes from Kelly’s side as every generation of female on her mother’s side had Alice or Ellis in their names until Kelly and her sister came along. So we are starting that up again. It should be noted that this info about the generational Ellis/Alice was unknown until Kelly traced back her family tree many, many years ago. Should we somehow be blessed with a boy (highly unlikely) we have names for him as well, but we will wait to see if that comes about. We are excited to be planning for a girl.


Thanksgiving 2005 – Dallas, TX.

November 20th, 2005 | Category: History

We are here visiting Sally (Kurt’s mom) for the holiday and we have just found out that our LID (Logged In Date) is November 16th, 2005. This means that we should get our referral in about 14 months. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

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Kurt Attends CCAI Orientation

July 09th, 2005 | Category: History

I had missed the previous session as I had been travelling for work. Kelly came with me tonight, and I was more than impressed. The session covered just about all the phases of the adoptive process, some Chinese history, history of the agency, and lots of Q&A from those of us in the audience. I was bowled over. I had still been a little “on the fence” about all of this adoptive stuff until this session. Adoption to me is such a personal thing, that it’s tough to describe to others how you feel about it exactly. Any lingering fears or suspicious thoughts I had been having are now laid to rest. After the session Kelly and I had a long dinner and discussion about what we had seen and heard. We both feel very confident about our decision to go forward with CCAI.


June 2005 – October 2005 – Parenting Classes

June 20th, 2005 | Category: History

As per Colorado state law, all adoptive parents are required to take 30 cumulative hours of parent training. Now some of this material is fairly benign and basic (how to feed and change a child) but most of the classes are of a much stronger content level intellectually. Classes that deal with grief & loss for your adoptive child, classes that help you prepare for a child whose gross and fine motor skills may not be on par with peers of similar age are just some of the topics that are addressed in these sessions. Most classes are a half to full day in length and are administered by professionals in their respective fields. Kelly really enjoyed the significance and content of the sign language sessions, and I found the bonding and attachment classes very informative. So many things that quite honestly I had never considered. It was interesting how many people in the classes who have kids already and are now adopting, stated that they wished there had been these classes when they first started their families.


June 2005- September 2005 – Dossier Building

June 19th, 2005 | Category: History

It is amazing the things you must do paperwork wise to adopt. We have had some experience with this when Kelly applied for her resident alien status back in 1997, but of course the wheels of “red-tape” move slower than Molasses. Kelly has been able to get her documentation from

Australia signed by the Chinese consulate in

Melbourne (thanks to Bid & Doug) much faster than I have been able to assemble my info stateside. I owe a big “thanks” to George and Martha Austin in

Madison, WI for helping me get my birth records from the state of

Wisconsin department of statistics. There are many documents that must be assembled during this process. Finger printing by I.C.E. is in this process (a real treat). Essentially it is your life history on paper. We also had to complete a “home study” which essentially confirms that we are who we claim to be, and that we are “fit” to be adoptive parents. We also owe a big “thank you” to Myra Stroup, who is our social worker for this, as well as the people who were contacted for references on us as a couple. You know who you are, so many thanks from us both. Once you assemble all of this, it must be notarized and then translated into Mandarin and then sent to the Chinese consulate in

Chicago, IL. (for our region) for approval. Once this takes place, you then send it to

Beijing to the


Center for Adoptive Affairs. For timeline purposes, once your dossier arrives in

Beijing and is received, it is officially “logged-in”, thus creating your LID date. This is the point at which you can officially count the days forward to your referral match. Once this occurs, you simply wait your turn.


CCAI Reunion Picnic

June 18th, 2005 | Category: History

I must say, when one witnesses about 800 little Chinese kid’s running unfettered through



Park, it has quite an effect on you. It was an amazing event. CCAI throws this reunion picnic every summer and it is well attended.

Lot’s of things for the kids to do. Games, music, face painting, Chinese “Dragon” dance and of course plenty of food for all. I suppose it speaks volumes as to the follow through that the agency does to support its families after they return home. It is obviously a great opportunity for families to re-connect and catch up.


Kelly attends Orientation @ CCAI

June 11th, 2005 | Category: History

Kelly attended the first orientation session alone as I have been on the road for business. I will attend this same session next month. Kelly said it was very impressive, but wants to wait until I attend to discuss her thoughts on it.


Receipt of application at CCAI

May 31st, 2005 | Category: History

We received an acknowledgement of our application at the CCAI offices. This signifies that the CCAI staff will now review our application. Hopefully we will pass the “test”.


Application Sent In

May 23rd, 2005 | Category: History

Kelly sent our application for being prospective adoptive parents today to CCAI here in

Denver. She said she got a chill up her spine when she dropped it into the letterbox. Looks like the start of something big. The application was very thorough, covers almost every facet of your life. Family history, married life, financials, criminal background checks as well as a thorough physical.


Information Session @ CCAI

April 07th, 2005 | Category: History

We had started down this road and had been looking into the total adoptive process for a few months now. Domestic vs. International, non-profit agency vs. Church based organization, and there are a ton of choices out there. All very deserving and unique in their own way. We have decided, after some thorough research and long discussions, to attend the information session at Chinese Children Adoption International here in the

Denver area. The information session was very interesting and we requested the application for prospective parents. 


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