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To the Park, and back again.

September 12th, 2007 | Category: In China,Waiting for a Match

Today we ventured as a group to the Peoples Park in the heart of downtown Nanchang. A beautiful park, it was amazing to find such a quiet space amongst all that this metropolis has going on in it. There are many ponds/ lakes, a river, many exercise areas and equipment in them. Plenty of open space and lush gardens. A concert venue, a rather worn amusement park, and plenty of running/ walking paths. After our visit there, we went to a rather interesting restaurant near the park that had great food, but also included a floor show, that was brief, and a little strange. No, it was not that kind of show, just some music and some dancers in costumes. Just kinda happened out of nowhere. They showed up, did their thing, and were gone. No introduction, no fancy exit. All of a sudden, there was loud music, and dancers in the middle of the dining room, then they were gone.

Later this afternoon we went to a bookstore here in Nanchang. This was something that both of us had wanted to do, as many before us had told us that they wished that they had remembered to purchase some bi-lingual books for their daughters as they grew older. We scored plenty of material. Some flash cards as well. Most of it was in Mandarin, English, and Pinyan, so Madison can learn both languages more easily. Most of the flashcards are about things like animals, food, numbers, direction, household things, colors…….etc. I am sure we will use them as well!!! Almost all the books we purchased are traditional Chinese children’s stories. We also purchased some CD’s of Chinese lullaby’s and some traditional Chinese Opera music as well. Not much else to report, tomorrow is a visist to a local Temple and some Porcelain shopping. Nanchang is supposedly well known for its porcelain quality and production.

If anyone out there has any questions we have not addressed in our posts, please drop us a line via email on the “Contact Us” portion of our site, we will be happy to answer!

New photo’s from today are in the gallery, I guess thats it, good night from Nanchang.



Tomorrow is the day!!!

August 02nd, 2007 | Category: Waiting for a Match

Our agency has posted on their site that they have received matches for families with Logged In Dates from Nov. 14th  through Nov. 21st 2005. Our LID is Nov. 16th. They have stated on their site that they are verifying info, and translating the documents from Mandarin to English, and will be contacting the matched families on Friday morning. To say that Thursday nite will be an anxious one, is a HUGE understatement!! Tomorrow we will see Madison’s face for the first time, and find out where she is, and all other relevant info. Tomorrow is the day!!!



We’re getting closer

August 02nd, 2007 | Category: Waiting for a Match

We know that a couple of families have already received THE call today.  I’m on the edge of my seat at work.  Everyone in my office is SO excited.



Matches on the way????

July 31st, 2007 | Category: Waiting for a Match

There have been a few reports on some of the China adoption sites that the referrals for this month (August batch) have been sent via DHL, and are on their way. If this is accurate (hoping it is) then our match “call” could come as early as Friday morning. We are both excited, and a bit freaked out by this very exciting news.

This of course means that in 5-6 weeks, we will be on our way. Crazy! Stay tuned, we will post as more of this unfolds.



Match Day drawing closer!!

July 28th, 2007 | Category: Waiting for a Match

Well here we are, it is July 28, 2007 and we think there is a good chance we are only a week or so away from being matched. Kelly thinks we will be matched possibly by Friday the 3rd of August, and I am holding firm to the 6th or maybe even the 7th. Cannot believe it is about to happen, just cannot believe it. It has been about 21 months since we were “logged in” in Beijing, and approx. 26 months since we started, and I now find myself wondering what’s next? So much of this journey thus far has centered around this waiting period that lately Kelly and I have been kidding ourselves that, once we are matched, what will be “hanging out” for? Haha, there will be soooo much to do it’s going to now be a case of can we get it all done prior to leaving? We have the gallery issues worked out so there are now photos to view in the gallery area.  There are many more to upload and, again, we have the Ferguson’s to thank for getting us up to speed in that area. We will be “practising” with many more additions in the coming week so that by the time Match comes, we can get those photos up on the site once that takes place. In addition, once we get the match, and we have all the info on Madison that is available, her page will become “live”. Well, that’s it for now, we hope everyone out there in cyberspace is well, and having a great summer, still cannot believe that this whole adventure is about to begin to truly unfold. I am a little in awe of it all, while all along, completely freaked out by what’s about to happen!!



And away we go!!!!!!

July 22nd, 2007 | Category: Waiting for a Match

Well, here it is!!! Our website/blog is up and running.  We are sooooo proud of it.  We hope you like it too. We could not have had this site without the help of Jim and Candice Ferguson whose patience and expertise in design as well as implementation has been invaluable, so a huge thank you goes out to that lovely couple for their efforts in assisting us with this.

We are still working out a few kinks with our Gallery section, so it will be a few days until we get the photo’s of Madison’s room and some other  shots into the site, but soon we promise. Our match should come around the 6th or 7th of August, so keep looking in here as we will update as new information becomes available.

Travel to China should commence about 6 weeks after the match occurs. We are guessing somewhere in the week of September 17th.



Madison’s Room

July 02nd, 2007 | Category: Waiting for a Match

It’s almost done!!!! We chose to do

Madison’s room in two colors; Lavender on the bottom, and a mint Green on the top. We also have a White chair-rail as well as White crown molding. There will be pictures of her room in the gallery section of this same site, check it out!!!


Mandarin Lessons

July 02nd, 2007 | Category: Waiting for a Match

We have been taking the adult Mandarin language lessons that CCAI offers at the school they run for the kids. Its been a lot of fun. There are only 4 or 5 of us in the classes, and our instructor is very good. While we are attending the adult class, all around us there are additional classrooms that have adoptive Chinese kids in them who are learning their native tongue and learning about their heritage and culture through instructors from

China. It is very well run and is such a positive environment for the kids. Our initial reason to learn Mandarin was to help us bond with

once we get her. We felt that if we could at least attempt to know some of the words, phrases, or maybe even the lullabyes the caregivers repeat to the kids in the orphanage, maybe we can enhance or speed up our bonding process with her. The interesting thing is that the further along we came with the language, the more interested we became ourselves. We now plan to continue with the classes even after we come home from



Update on Matches

April 02nd, 2007 | Category: Waiting for a Match

Well, things were clicking right along for a match in May, but now things are slowing down drastically in

China @ the CCAA, so we are thinking (hoping) for a match in June or July. Nothing we can do about it, just sit tight and hope for the best results. It is (has been) tough at times as you wait and see the timeline extended, but that’s the way of this journey, CCAI has been there for us and with us every step of the way which is very comforting at times. We are really thankful that we have such a great agency to assist us along the way.