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New Activities

October 23rd, 2007 | Category: Home again

This past weekend, Kurt’s Mom, Sally, came to visit Madison. It was so much fun having her here and we were glad to see that she shared some of Madison’s “firsts”. Madison now knows where her head is (say head and her fist goes up to it). When we were over at the Duffey’s, Madison saw Jim’s cup of water, tested it by putting both hands in it (one at a time), then figured out that she could drink from the cup.

We also celebrated Madison’s first day of snow (at least here in the US) on Sunday. There will be pictures on the photos page soon, so stay tuned! Also, a new album will be added called “Favourite Photos”.

Love from Kelly

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10 Months!

October 17th, 2007 | Category: Home again

Madison turned 10 months old last Saturday, 13th October 2007.¬†¬† Just recently, we have seen her learn how to wave hello and goodbye.¬† She is also using the sign language for “more” fairly often at mealtimes.¬†¬† We had our first social worker visit (since returning home) this past Monday evening.¬†¬† Madison liked giving out big waves to Myra and was also sending out a few kisses (or kissing sounds) which is something else that she has picked up during this month.¬†¬† Yarra and Madison are becoming better acquainted since the little boy in the big brown coat has learned where to be at the very moment that the Cheerios drop from high chair level.¬† Madison likes giving her big four legged brother a pat every now and then.

Our nights are still going smoothly.  Madison has slept through the night since Saturday 29th September.


Photos of Madison

October 11th, 2007 | Category: Home again


Here are some photos of Madison that we just received and we think that she is with her caregiver at the Guixi Social Welfare Institute.  Thank you, Wendy, for sharing these photos for Madison!


One Month With Madison

October 09th, 2007 | Category: Home again

Today is the one month anniversary of our family day. Madison has settled into life in the Beyer family very well. Her day goes something like this…wake up at about 8:30am, change nappy (can you tell who is writing this, ok diaper if that makes more sense), have breakfast, play or listen to music and dance, have a bottle at about 9:30am, take a morning nap at about 10:30am until about noon, have a change, have some lunch, then play, swing, read, help Mummy in the garden, learn some words, or anything else that might present itself, have a bottle at about 2:30pm, take an afternoon nap at about 3:30pm until around the time that Daddy comes home, go for a walk with Mummy, Daddy, and Yarra, come home and have dinner, play, have a bath at about 8pm, a bottle at about 9:30pm, and go to bed at about 10pm.

Madison is a very happy little girl. She has the cutest smile, laugh, and giggle. She likes dancing and gets very excited when she pulls herself up to stand. She has bonded extremely well to both Mummy and Daddy and likes to be with both of us equally. The first week we were back was a little rough in terms of sleep since Madison was still on China time. It took a day of no naps and lots of sunlight to bring her around to her new schedule. Her naps and bedtime are easy right now. She will sooth herself with her left pointer and middle fingers if she hasn’t already fallen asleep in our arms.

Her favourites foods so far are pureed peas, carrots, potatoes, fruit, baby foods, Cheerios, and rice, but her very favourite is egg. Scrambled eggs are good but steamed eggs win the top award. Daddy learned how to make them while we were in China from one of the other families travelling with us. It was what they were feeding her over there and one of the only things we could find to order for her in restaurants – everything else was too spicy or too oily. We’ve cut back on the amount of eggs now, but they are still a winner.

During this first month back, we have seen a couple of milestones. Madison has begun developing her fine motor skills using her thumb and pointer fingers to pick up her Cheerios. We notice that she bangs her hand on a table or just in the air if she wants something, so she is trying to communicate with us. Mummy is trying to use some sign language whenever she can (milk, more, all done, etc.). She has had visits from a lot of family and friends and has also gone to visit other friends. We’ve also had cards, emails, and phone calls from family and friends who haven’t been able to visit yet. We feel so blessed to have every one of these people in our lives.

Madison’s first doctor’s appointment was Monday 1st October. It was supposed to have been on the 3rd, but she had picked up a chest cold and we wanted to make sure that it would not develop into anything worse. We think with the airconditioning in the hotels in China, the plane rides, and the change in temperature from China to the US, a cold was probably unavoidable. Auntie Stephanie came to the doctor with us but Madison did not like blood taken for a number of tests, or all of the shots that she got at the doctor that day and she told the nurses in no uncertain terms. It certainly deafened me! She made such a fuss that they decided not to give her a flu shot that day. We went back a couple of days later to check up on one of the tests and to give her a flu shot. There was no fuss that day. Madison’s cold has since cleared up, Mummy got one a short time later but that is better, too. Daddy’s cold is almost better but he is being a trooper and has gone back to work this week. It’s really nice to see him at the end of the work day.

So, as you can tell, Madison has done very well during her first month with us. She is a perfect addition to our family and we are looking forward to telling you all of the other stories that we can share about her. If you would like to see some more photos, we have added the last album to “Follow along on our journey to Madison” – it’s called “Arriving back in Denver”.

Love from Kelly


Finally Home!

September 22nd, 2007 | Category: Home again

We have made it back safe and sound. After about a total of 26.5 hrs in the air and in airports, we arrived in Denver at about 4:15 pm on Friday afternoon. Jim Duffey came to pick us up, and Candice Ferguson from Palo Duro was kind enough to be there as well to photograph our arrival, and help us make sure our car seat was “fully operational”. We came home in great shape, neither Kelly or myself is ill, but we are very tired. Madison did very well with the extended flight across the Pacific all things considered. On a full 747, there is not much room to crawl and play, so we took turns holding and walking her around the aircraft. She was awake for 10 of the 12 hours the flight took, and woke up just in time to become a U.S. citizen at the immigration counter @ SFO. After a 2.5 hr layover, we had the relatively quick flight to Denver (2.5 hrs). The woman seated in the row in front of us (SFO-DEN) noticed Madison right away as a Chinese baby, and asked us from which province she came. We responded “Jiangxi”, and she stated that her 10 year old was from Guixi City, in Jiangxi. Well, talk about coincidence, so is Madison. We all had a laugh at the coincidence, and after a brief conversation, we exchanged contact info, it will be fun to talk some more with her in the coming weeks and months and see how our “spicy girl” matches up. She showed us a photo of her 10 year old, she is a great looking girl. So we visited for just an hour or so with Jim and Mary Duffey, along with Candice here at the house. Then everyone kinda cleared out, to let us get Madison settled in her new home. She seems to like it so far, and was examining every piece of furniture and item in her room and in the others where we had her last night. I got her to go down around 10:30 pm and by 1:00 am was back up again. Kelly, being ever the trooper, took the first “shift” and I relieved her at 5:00 am. Kelly went back to bed at 6 am (still asleep as I write this, 12:40 pm) and I was able to play for about 2 hours with Madison before she finally went down at about 8:30 am (still asleep as well!!!). I am sure it will take about a week or so to slowly change that girls body clock to the Mountain time zone (I hope thats all!).

So, we are back, and it feels great, even through the sleep deprivation fog. There are some additional shots to upload, and I intend to do that once we get unpacked and somewhat more settled. The Duffey’s are bringing over Carnita’s tonight (we are craving Mexican) and we will watch the Badger game vs. Iowa with them while enjoying those Carnita’s. We have many stories to share, so give us a jingle in the next few days, or send us a email, we are glad to be home, and very excited to share Madison with everyone.



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