Jun 19

June 2005- September 2005 – Dossier Building

Category: History

It is amazing the things you must do paperwork wise to adopt. We have had some experience with this when Kelly applied for her resident alien status back in 1997, but of course the wheels of “red-tape” move slower than Molasses. Kelly has been able to get her documentation from

Australia signed by the Chinese consulate in

Melbourne (thanks to Bid & Doug) much faster than I have been able to assemble my info stateside. I owe a big “thanks” to George and Martha Austin in

Madison, WI for helping me get my birth records from the state of

Wisconsin department of statistics. There are many documents that must be assembled during this process. Finger printing by I.C.E. is in this process (a real treat). Essentially it is your life history on paper. We also had to complete a “home study” which essentially confirms that we are who we claim to be, and that we are “fit” to be adoptive parents. We also owe a big “thank you” to Myra Stroup, who is our social worker for this, as well as the people who were contacted for references on us as a couple. You know who you are, so many thanks from us both. Once you assemble all of this, it must be notarized and then translated into Mandarin and then sent to the Chinese consulate in

Chicago, IL. (for our region) for approval. Once this takes place, you then send it to

Beijing to the


Center for Adoptive Affairs. For timeline purposes, once your dossier arrives in

Beijing and is received, it is officially “logged-in”, thus creating your LID date. This is the point at which you can officially count the days forward to your referral match. Once this occurs, you simply wait your turn.


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