Jun 20

June 2005 – October 2005 – Parenting Classes

Category: History

As per Colorado state law, all adoptive parents are required to take 30 cumulative hours of parent training. Now some of this material is fairly benign and basic (how to feed and change a child) but most of the classes are of a much stronger content level intellectually. Classes that deal with grief & loss for your adoptive child, classes that help you prepare for a child whose gross and fine motor skills may not be on par with peers of similar age are just some of the topics that are addressed in these sessions. Most classes are a half to full day in length and are administered by professionals in their respective fields. Kelly really enjoyed the significance and content of the sign language sessions, and I found the bonding and attachment classes very informative. So many things that quite honestly I had never considered. It was interesting how many people in the classes who have kids already and are now adopting, stated that they wished there had been these classes when they first started their families.


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