Jul 22

And away we go!!!!!!

Well, here it is!!! Our website/blog is up and running.  We are sooooo proud of it.  We hope you like it too. We could not have had this site without the help of Jim and Candice Ferguson whose patience and expertise in design as well as implementation has been invaluable, so a huge thank you goes out to that lovely couple for their efforts in assisting us with this.

We are still working out a few kinks with our Gallery section, so it will be a few days until we get the photo’s of Madison’s room and some other¬† shots into the site, but soon we promise. Our match should come around the 6th or 7th of August, so keep looking in here as we will update as new information becomes available.

Travel to China should commence about 6 weeks after the match occurs. We are guessing somewhere in the week of September 17th.



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