Jul 28

Match Day drawing closer!!

Well here we are, it is July 28, 2007 and we think there is a good chance we are only a week or so away from being matched. Kelly thinks we will be matched possibly by Friday the 3rd of August, and I am holding firm to the 6th or maybe even the 7th. Cannot believe it is about to happen, just cannot believe it. It has been about 21 months since we were “logged in” in Beijing, and approx. 26 months since we started, and I now find myself wondering what’s next? So much of this journey thus far has centered around this waiting period that lately Kelly and I have been kidding ourselves that, once we are matched, what will be “hanging out” for? Haha, there will be soooo much to do it’s going to now be a case of can we get it all done prior to leaving? We have the gallery issues worked out so there are now photos to view in the gallery area.┬á There are many more to upload and, again, we have the Ferguson’s to thank for getting us up to speed in that area. We will be “practising” with many more additions in the coming week so that by the time Match comes, we can get those photos up on the site once that takes place. In addition, once we get the match, and we have all the info on Madison that is available, her page will become “live”. Well, that’s it for now, we hope everyone out there in cyberspace is well, and having a great summer, still cannot believe that this whole adventure is about to begin to truly unfold. I am a little in awe of it all, while all along, completely freaked out by what’s about to happen!!



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