Aug 3

Introducing Guo Si Chan (soon to be Madison Ellis Beyer)

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We received a call from our agency, CCAI at 9:34am today. We are so excited to announce the referral of our daughter, Guo Si Chan (pronounced Gwo Su Chaan). We believe that her last name “Guo” is the name of the orphanage director. “Si” means “think” and “Chan” means “the moon; lovely” which was used in ancient writings to describe women. Kelly started to cry when she heard this because she and her Mum talk about looking at the moon together all the time. Our daughter’s name will be changed soon to Madison Ellis Beyer – a name we had chosen for her a long time ago. Madison is the city where Kurt grew up and Ellis because Kelly’s maternal side of the family has the name Alice or Ellis back at least to the 1700s.

Madison will be 8 months old next week. She was born on the 13th December 2006 and has been living in Guixi City Social Welfare Institute in Jiangxi Province since she was born. She wakes up at 6am, goes to bed at 8pm and has one to two hour naps in the morning and afternoon. She likes playing outside and her favourite toy is a cloth doll. She can hold her head up while lying on her stomach, can locate the direction of sound, and visually follows moving toys. Apparently, she laughs aloud and we cannot wait to hear that for ourselves!

Madison is active, restless and is fond of playing with toys. Yes, she is going to be a daddy’s girl! Her Mama and Baba are SOOOOOOOOOO excited.

Thank you all so much for taking this beautiful journey with us. We are looking forward to sharing all of the precious moments to follow!

Kelly and Kurt xoxoxoxoxo


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