Aug 5

Match Day + 1

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So here we are, a day later and still just floating along. Yesterday was nuts for sure. The day started just as any other but with the caveat that we were about to see our daughter for the first time at some point in the morning. Kelly had taken the day off from her work, and came to my office as this is where our agency would be phoning us first. The call came at 9:34 a.m. and on the other end was one of our contacts at CCAI telling us that she had some exciting news for us. I asked her to call me back on the land line so Kelly could listen in as well, when she did, she stated that we had a beautiful girl waiting to “meet” us. We then bolted straight from my office to our agency and upon arriving, we met up with two other families who had the same LID date as us, and who we have been spending some time with lately as match day drew closer. Once inside we were taken to a room that had been decorated with all sorts of banners stating “its a girl” and such, as well as plenty of tissue, and some drinks and pastry (who could eat????). We were then taken to a table where we were given the file that held our child’s information. The representative from CCAI handed us the file and we opened it and saw Madison’s face for the first time. WOW!!!┬á We both just looked on in amazement as we began to process the information on the pages in front of our eyes. How old she was, where she is, what her given name in Mandarin is, and what it meant when translated to English. I must admit, we were both a little overcome, but not completely “knocked back” as we thought we would be. I think we were both so caught up in the moment, and were trying soooo hard to take it all in, that we were both a little stunned, numb if you will. Of course we gave each other a really big hug, a couple of big kisses, and neither of us could stop smiling. Fairly sure that grin is still on my face as I write this now. We spent the next hour or so talking to our CCAI representatives, asking questions, signing forms (acceptance letter, on its way back to Beijing now!!!) and enjoying the moment along with some of the other families who were there as well, we counted at least 5 or 6 other families while we were there who’s daughters are from the same welfare institute as Madison (Hello, travel partners!!!) After a brief stop at my office to brag on the photo’s and tie up a few loose ends, we headed downtown to Kelly’s office for more of the same. I am fairly confident, neither of us will EVER grow tired of showing off this gorgeous girl of ours. We caught up with Jim and Mary Duffey for a couple of drinks before a celebratory dinner at one of our favorite places to dine out, “Mizuna” and we both truly enjoyed the fine meal and took many turns looking at each other and saying to one another “can you believe it ” ??┬á Needless to say we were exhausted by the time we came home, and falling asleep came quite easy.

I was asked a few times on Friday afternoon, and later that night if what I was feeling could be summed up in one word. Of course the easy answer is an emphatic “No”, but maybe the closest I could come would be to say that I felt this huge amount of relief. Not that we ever expected this to turn out any differently than it has so far, but it is just that so much of this journey up until now has centered on, or been driven towards getting the “match”. So the relief is one of accomplishment in seeing her face for the first time, and knowing that this is the little one that was meant for us, and in this moment. It is joyous and leveling in one fell swoop. I have always considered myself to be a person that was not really a very religious person in the standard context, and that every person, irregardless of how they were raised, or where they are from,┬á finds there own way, with or without divine intervention. Not to get too far off topic here, but I truly believe that this little one was guided to us, and that we have been blessed with a gift that will be in our hearts as long as we walk this earth. There are so many of you out there to thank, and words alone cannot begin to cover what it has meant to us to have us in your thoughts and prayers as we have undertaken the journey thus far. Suffice to say that we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be blessed with such wonderful families and friends and that we cannot wait for the next step which is bringing this precious little one home for all of you to meet.

Godspeed to all of you!



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