Aug 13

Paperwork and a big surprise

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Since we were matched on the 3rd of August, we have both just been rolling along enjoying the euphoria of having this beautiful child’s photo in front of us each day, and generally basking in the glow of “post match”. Now the crunch begins to complete all the necessary paperwork for our trip as well as beginning the “packing” for the trip itself. We were contacted last week by our agency with the first steps for this in the form of an email, this correspondence was to inform us about the travel conference call that will take place on Thursday of this week (16th). We are both¬†really excited about this, as this will be our first chance to find out who, and where everyone is in our “travel group”. The email also contained vital information as well as downloads for our Chinese visa applications, and travel releases (legal, very legal) from our agency. Ask Kelly and I sometime about the “instructions” on how to fill in the blanks on those visa applications, kinda humorous. So now the visa applications are in, and our adoption fee for the orphanage has been wired to the province where Madison is located. This means we will not have to carry as much money in¬†USD with us. We are both happy about that.¬†We were also very fortunate last week to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with the Eslinger family from here in the Denver area. Kimberly and Greg and Hannah Eslinger travelled to China (Jiangxi Province!!) to receive their daughter/sister (Lindsay)¬† in late June of this year. They were kind enough to spend an afternoon and evening with us. We cooked burgers, shared a lot of laughter and talked for hours about their experiences in China. They answered sooooo many of our questions that both Kelly and I feel just about as prepared as we can be at this point. An enormous thank you to them for their candidness, and time in helping us. It did not hurt that we had the chance to see their beautiful new addition Lindsay either! I’m telling you, these girls from Jiangxi are soooo good looking.

Now, I know all of you out there know how much I adore my lovely wife, and how I always like to do things to make her smile and to surprise her. Well, this past weekend, I may have pulled off one of the all time surprises. This one will go down in the record books and be discussed for some time. I along with many co-conspirators, had been planning a “surprise” shower for Kelly, and all of the necessary things fell completely into place. We planned a shower for this past Saturday, the 11th, and we had approx. 65 people participate. It was a mix of co-workers, family, neighbors, and friends from near and far who have known Kelly since she moved here with me in¬†1996. There are too many names to¬†mention here (do not want to single anyone out) who were instrumental in the planning and¬†implementation of this devious, but well executed plan. Suffice to say, that eventhough I knew what was going to happen, even I was absolutely taken aback by how AWESOME that was. So, I can assure you that Kelly still has that stunned look on her face now,¬†that many saw on Saturday nite.¬† There are not enough words¬†to express how much I¬†appreciate¬†the effort made by those individuals¬†who helped me make that event a reality, (there are soooooo many of you!!)¬†except to say¬† “XieXie” (shay-shay) (Mandarin for Thank You!!) . Anytime you need my help, just call, I got your back. There will be plenty of photos from that event on the site soon, so keep checking.

Hard to believe that we are simply only 3-4 weeks from leaving, still plenty to do before we go, but the clock keeps rolling, and so do we. See ya soon.



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