Aug 18

Travel Conference Call

Category: Match complete

We took part in a travel conference call yesterday.   A lot of families from all over the US participated.  We already knew most of the information but there were a few points that were interesting.  Of course, everyone wants to know when travel will take place and we were told that, because of the national holiday during the first week of October and a trade fair in Guanzhou at the end of October, they are trying to have us go and come back before the end of September.   We were told that we would probably travel by 14th September at the latest.

Today, Kurt talked to Erin at CCAI about travelling to Beijing prior to meeting our group in Hong Kong.  Erin told him that a trip like that would be fine and that our agency could involve the Beijing reps who would probably be able to meet us at the airport and organize day trips for us.  Cool!



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