Aug 26

More exciting news

Category: Match complete

Wonderful news! Today we received Travel Approvals for Groups 1232 – 1236! We have faxed the U.S. Consulate – Guangzhou requesting appointments for these groups today. On Match Day, travel was estimated at 5-7 weeks. With the arrival of Travel Approvals today, we have requested appointments hoping that these groups will depart the 5th week after match. We’re very excited for each family!!!

That was the statement that appeared on our agencies website on Thursday afternoon, we expect that the Consulate Appointment (CA) will arrive either Monday (27th) or Tuesday (28th), so travel to China should commence between the 6th and 9th of September. Gotcha day will be approximatemly the 16th (still a guess). We have been so busy doing so many things to prepare to leave, the list is endless, but we are making headway. A few small things left to do for Madison’s room (today!!!!) and thats complete, then we can concentrate on the packing lists. As a first time parent, its just hard to grasp all the “things’ one seems to “need”. How did our parents get by???? We of course are so very thankful for everyones generosity, seems as though we will not have to make any trips to Target, or to a Walgreens for any sundry items, thats for sure. Trust me, if anyone needs rash cream, or ointment, call me, I can help. We will hopefully have a few more photo’s of Madison shortly, usually updated photo’s arrive a week or so before you leave, so we are now almost in that window, so we anticipate that soon enough. Once we get them, you can be assured we will post to the photo section. We also received our passports back from the Chinese embassy in San Francisco this week, really cool visa on one page of each of our passports. Good for multiple enrtries, 90 days validity. Took Kelly shopping yesterday, found a couple of outfits that I am sure she will find handy once we are in China. Lightweight pants, and shirts from ExOfiicio, and Royal Robbins. That tech clothing used to be soooo boring in its design, not so much anymore. Well, thats all for now, off to “do” more of the “list”.



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