Aug 28

Travel Dates confirmed, Time to Go!!!!!!

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Well, I must admit, this whole experience teaches you something new everyday, I swear. Now as you know, we have been matched, visas issued, travel authorizations issued, and today came the news that our consulate appointments are set (where the adoption becomes “official”). We kinda figured that when this came through, we would have 10-14 days to get it together before they would require us to be in Hong Kong. Wrong, very wrong sir!! We are leaving this Sunday morning, in like 5 days. Just when you think you have this adoption schedule thing wired, BAM!!

So, needless to say, serious scrambling will occur in the next 5 days. we are pretty much prepared, its just that after waiting for 26 months, you kinda become conditioned to hurry up and wait. Today it was “Hurry up, and hurry up some more”. Now, we just need to pack (oh right, that) and tie up all the loose ends with our work responsibilities, get Yarra to the mountains, get our house sitters squared away, and try not to come apart mentally in the process (just kidding). I must admit, I am just a wee bit freaked out when I consider that in less than 14 days, she will be with us, and Kelly and I will be parents. Is that nuts or what??? We received a medical update in the mail on Saturday, nothing out of the ordinary, it did include her complete story in terms of where she was found, by whom and it did confirm that she was found just hours after having been born. So hard to imagine just exactly what she has been through. The update we received today, included photo’s (2) and those are in her album on the photo page, check out those cute toes!!!

Ah, yes, the schedule. Well we leave this Sunday (2nd) and will arrive for a slight side trip to Beijing on the 3rd. Spend the next few days in and around Beijing (Tianamen Square, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Silk Market….etc) and fly from Beijing to Hong Kong on the morning of the 7th, to join the rest of our travel group. On the 9th we fly with our group to Nanchang (Jiangxi Province) where that afternoon we will be united with our Madison. We then spend the next 5-6 days in Nanchang completing paperwork and generally getting acquainted. On the 14th or 15th we will fly from Nanchang to Guangzhou (Guangdong Province) to somewhat repeat the paperwork that we did in Nanchang, but now for the USA side of things. Our consulate appointment is set for the 18th, and we will take the Oath at the consulate on the 19th. Our flight home is on the 21st. It kinda looks long on paper, but I am confident, time will go fast and I will be doing all I can to take it all in and try not to let any of it get past me (good luck, right?)

I am sure Kelly or I will try to do an entry or two between now and Sunday a.m., somewhere between the packing, and the scrambling…..;)

What was that line made famous by Willy Wonka………” So much time, so little to do………wait, reverse that”



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