Sep 2

Feet first.

Category: Match complete

Wasn’t sure what to call this post, really, seriously. Just sat here and it popped in my head. Remember, when you were a kid, how you felt when it came time to jump into a body of water (not pool), and you were unsure of how deep it was, or what was down there? Well, thats Kelly and I both, right now. So much is about to unfold, just so much to look forward to, and experience. Cannot believe that it’s time to go.
We’ve packed and checked the list twice, do I hear a third??? Now all thats left is the trip over the Pacific, and we are on our way to pick up┬á Madison.┬á So we are off to Beijing in about 9 hours, we will be thinking of all of you out here in cyberspace, checking in on our progress, next post will be from Beijing.

Love to all!!



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