Sep 11

A visit from the Doc, and a stroll through the ‘Hood.

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Today was a rest day by most accounts, we slept in a little, had breakfast downstairs together, Madison ate some eggs, and a little congee (porridge) and we waited for our turn with the Pediatrician. The doctor was a nice fella, was great with Madison and  the  appointment primarily consisted of making sure there were no glaring issues that may have been overlooked at the orphanage. Madison checked out o.k.,  the doctor stated that she seemed about average in size and weight for girls from this province, so I think thats alright. Really, I do not think that we will have a true grip on her overall condition until we get home and have someone there gives us a rundown on where she is comparatively. But, she is extremely alert, constantly squirming, very vocal, and keeps a regular schedule in terms of food stuffs going in and out. She seems very happy. I think we are very fortunate.

After having the appointment we three came back to the room, and had a 2.5 hour nap. Much needed for all. After another bottle ( I’m a pro at it now, available for hire) we decided to take a stroll out around the hotel neighborhood. We were told on Sunday night, prior to getting Madison, that when we went out in the community, we would draw attention. That statement is 100 % correct. Evelyn had made up a laminated card for each of us parents that on one side has our names in English and Mandarin, her cell phone number and where we are staying. On the other side it states in Mandarin that we are adoptive parents, and that we are from America. That we came here to adopt this girl, and that we will always love her, and never abandon her. We were told to always have this with us when we are out in a public place. Good idea. Kelly and I got a good taste of why one needs this card around our necks, when we went for a little stroll today. We saw many interesting things. But I am sure we were the topic of conversation around many a dinner table tonight. Being a somewhat remote city (of 3 million persons), not too many westerners get here. So we are an oddity as we walk bye to begin with, then add the Chinese child in our arms, and whammo, you get more than enough attention. Many people said hello and followed along, and once you stop, a crowd gathers. It can be somewhat un-nerving to say the least. They ask all sorts of questions (all in Mandarin) and the best you can do is present your card. Once they read it, they cannot help themselves from giving you the “thumbs up” sign or touching the cheek of your baby for good luck. Kinda cool if you think about it. A handshake or a wave and your on your way. It was our first foray into this setting today, we are going to a park in the morning (its 10:37 pm Tuesday now) to try it again. I will say this much, everyone is extremely friendly, and always smiling at you.

Tonight as a group (16 families) we went to a very nice Chinese restaurant next to the hotel. the food was outstanding (always is it seems). Madison showed us that we can add rice noodles, bok choy, and steamed rice to her list. She still is trying to master the “slurping” of noodles that her orphanage mates seem to have down, but showed us great dexterity in using her hands to shove the rice, and noodles in the old gob. it was quite entertaining for sure. The next few days are pretty open, I am sure we will tour a bit more, so keep checking back.

Photo’s from today are in the photo section under the “follow along” area listed in the album named “Nanchang day 3″

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