Sep 12

To the Park, and back again.

Today we ventured as a group to the Peoples Park in the heart of downtown Nanchang. A beautiful park, it was amazing to find such a quiet space amongst all that this metropolis has going on in it. There are many ponds/ lakes, a river, many exercise areas and equipment in them. Plenty of open space and lush gardens. A concert venue, a rather worn amusement park, and plenty of running/ walking paths. After our visit there, we went to a rather interesting restaurant near the park that had great food, but also included a floor show, that was brief, and a little strange. No, it was not that kind of show, just some music and some dancers in costumes. Just kinda happened out of nowhere. They showed up, did their thing, and were gone. No introduction, no fancy exit. All of a sudden, there was loud music, and dancers in the middle of the dining room, then they were gone.

Later this afternoon we went to a bookstore here in Nanchang. This was something that both of us had wanted to do, as many before us had told us that they wished that they had remembered to purchase some bi-lingual books for their daughters as they grew older. We scored plenty of material. Some flash cards as well. Most of it was in Mandarin, English, and Pinyan, so Madison can learn both languages more easily. Most of the flashcards are about things like animals, food, numbers, direction, household things, colors…….etc. I am sure we will use them as well!!! Almost all the books we purchased are traditional Chinese children’s stories. We also purchased some CD’s of Chinese lullaby’s and some traditional Chinese Opera music as well. Not much else to report, tomorrow is a visist to a local Temple and some Porcelain shopping. Nanchang is supposedly well known for its porcelain quality and production.

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New photo’s from today are in the gallery, I guess thats it, good night from Nanchang.



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