Sep 13

Happy 9th Month Birthday, Madison!

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I haven’t been writing too many posts because, let’s face it, Madison’s Daddy is great at telling our story! Today, though, I wanted to give it a go since it is our little Madison’s 9 month birthday. She has only been in our arms for 5 days now but we both feel so amazed by what we have seen and done together with her already. Daddy and Madison are playing together right now. Not exactly sure what they are playing, but there is a lot of movement and a lot of giggles happening. Here is my recount of our day today and, for the folks back in Aus, you might notice a word or two spelled the Aussie way, so here goes…

Today started off at 9:30am with a bus ride to the dancing fountains. This area is in the new part of Nanchang across the river. Evelyn, our CCAI rep, was able to have the fountains turned on for us and the water “danced” to the music of the pase doble. The water was nice and cool and the fountains grew to 128 metres (380 or so feet) so it was an impressive display. Evelyn said that, at night, the water is lit by various coloured lights which would have made it even better.

We then visited a temple and were treated to a music and dance show. It was sooooooo very hot in there. The girls didn’t seem to mind but most of the parents were not feeling very comfortable. Kurt said that to say it was hot would be a gross understatement.

Now Daddy’s turn…It was sticky. The presentation we saw was a recreation of song and dance from China’s Tang Dynasty which reigned from about 690 – 900 A.D. This was also known as The Golden Age of China as at that time it was by far and large the most advanced society on the earth. The music was beautiful and the dancing unique. Then it was off to lunch (once again, outstanding). We then came back to the hotel and rested for the afternoon. Kurt and Madison had a nap together for approx. 2.5 hrs, and after a late afternoon bottle and some play time we enjoyed dinner with three other families on our trip. Tomorrow we will take a trip to the countryside and then to a porcelain merchant were we can purchase a very high grade of porcelain. This region is known for its high craftsmanship, and quality in this regard. Should be interesting. We will also receive Madison’s Chinese passport tomorrow! On Saturday we leave for Guangzhou where we will catch up with the rest of our total travel groups (1233 & 1236) and complete the balance of the paperwork to bring our girl home. We hope all of you are well, talk more soon.




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