Sep 15

Off to Guangzhou

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Last night, we had dinner with all of the other families and found out a few more interesting facts:¬† Madison’s roomies in the orphanage were actually Lyndsay (Wendy and Eric Schmidt from Westminster) and Makena (Andrea Fleury from Maui) and her caregiver’s name is Huang Ren E who is 50 years old.¬†¬† Ci Ci and Evelyn were also kind enough to have our group’s email addresses and websites written up for us all.¬† We also received Madison’s Chinese passport which is the one that she will fly back to the US on.

Just a few more hours to go and we’ll be on a flight to Guangzhou in Guandong province.¬† I’m not so sure how that will work out for us.¬† We have a bit more luggage than we started off with (formula, toys, nappies (diapers) etc.) and we have a sweet little baby to bring with us!¬† I hope there won’t be too much noise made on the plane.¬† When we were on the bus outings here in Nanchang, the motion of the bus seemed to send Madison to sleep so we hope the same thing will happen with the plane.¬† This trip won’t be very long, though.¬† Only one and a half hours or so.

I have really enjoyed seeing this small part of Madison’s province and the capital, Nanchang.¬† The people have been really friendly, more friendly than I had expected.¬† Always quick with a smile, a “hello” or a “ni hao” and always allowing us to take photos.¬† When we were at the small village yesterday (which was north and east of where we are staying), I found out that Evelyn had grown up in a town just like that, only directly south of Nanchang by about two and a half hours.¬† I asked Evelyn what she would have thought if a group of gringos like us (who stood out like a sore thumb) came wandering through her village pointing and taking photos of things that I imagine she would have thought of as everyday things.¬† She said she would have known that we were “laowai” (foreigners – the lao part of the word signifying respect).¬† I asked her if she would have thought us rude to be doing what we were, because to us it seemed as though we were, even though we couldn’t help ourselves taking all those photos which we hope will be a great glimpse into life where Madison spent the first eight months of her life. ¬† Evelyn said that, to the villagers, we were not being rude at all.¬† I really enjoyed seeing there smiles and, even though, we couldn’t communicate verbally with them, we could communicate non-verbally with hand gestures and smiles and those that could love practicing their English with us.¬† From school children on the corner by the Jin Feng Hotel (who seemed to love it when I said hello and asked them what their names were.¬† Their mother seemed to enjoy it when I told them about Kurt in Mandarin: ta shi wo de xiansheng – she told her boys “Husband”) to guest in the hotels, to people just walking by.

China, at least so far, is not what I expected.¬† It is much cleaner, friendlier, interesting, and much more fun than I had imagined.¬† I’m so glad that our little Madison has brought us here to experience it with her.

Well, the porters have just collected our luggage, so there is not much time before we’ll be on the bus back to the airport.¬†¬† We’ll talk to you again from the next province!

Love from Kelly.


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