Nov 5

Learning Words

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It’s been an exciting week with Madison showing us that she has learned more words. She isn’t able to say them yet, but she now understands button, zipper, watch, ring, bangle, pink pig, yellow ball, hello and hi, puppy dog, bird, fish, head, kisses, blanket, and dance. We were very excited to learn that, on Kurt’s birthday (1st November), she also learned how to say her second word in sign language (milk). She was already able to say “more” in sign language. Madison babbles and talks jibber jabber a lot. She is chatting right now as she plays with her toys. It’s exciting to hear that and exciting to see her move around. She crawls from one room to another and can now climb the stairs (up, not down yet). She likes to pull herself up on things and can even stand up by herself for short amounts of time (seconds). Dancing is also one of her favourite passtimes.

Each day, we try to do some different activities: dance, listen to music (including some Chinese childrens’ songs on CDs that we purchased for her in Nanchang), play with toys, read books, walk around either City Park or Wash Park, go to the store, or do some gardening. Each afternoon or evening, we take her puppy dog, Yarra, for a walk with her. Today, it looked like she was interested in the trees, the cars, and the street lights. One of her favourite things to do is to have bathtime. She loves splashing around in the water.

Last night was our first night away from her for a few hours. The Duffey family had kindly offered to watch her and they gave Kurt some hockey tickets for his birthday so we went to see the Colorado Avalanche play the Vancouver Canucks. Every so often, I caught myself thinking about her and I was glad to get back to her. She was sound asleep by that time.

Since our last post, Madison has been able to meet her Uncle Karsten (Shu Shu). She finger painted a pumpkin for Halloween while Karsten carved one. Madison even got dressed up for Halloween – she was a kangaroo with a little joey in her pouch. Too cute! We all went trick or treating together but this year, instead of asking for candy, we were handing it out!

Madison has also had a play date with her friend Tatum. That was fun because there were lots of new toys to play with. We hope to be able to have another play date soon. In the meantime, we’ll see how many new words we can learn!

Love from Kelly.


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