Nov 17

11 Months Old!

Category: Home again

Madison celebrated her 11 month birthday on Tuesday 13th November with her friend, Tybee Yamamoto, who came over for a play date. There was some laughing, some crying, some playing with toys, and some sleeping (Madison, not Tybee). I guess we’ll have to brush up on the visitor etiquette! I think you will be able to see some big changes in Madison when you see her 11 month photos. There is one in the Milestones for Madison album and the others are in Favourite Photos.

We’ve learned a new word…tummy.┬á Madison is very happy to be able to show you where her tummy is!

Today (Saturday 17th November 2007), we are taking Madison to not only one birthday party but two! Yes, Mummy overbooked us. First, we will be visiting Tybee for her “Welcome Home/Happy Birthday” party (Tybee’s 1st birthday is tomorrow) and then we’ll be going to see Tatum for her 1st birthday party which is today.

Both parties were great. Madison had a fabulous time playing with Tybee and then with Tatum (and her sister, Lexi, and brothers, Lachlan and Spencer) and Baylee.


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