Dec 19

Madison is 1 Year Old!

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My little girl is one year old! I can’t believe how fast time has flown. Madison just keeps on learning and moving and jibberjabbering and making us laugh. She is almost walking now and can stand on her own for a few seconds at a time. She loves to hold on to our hands and walk along, almost pulling us behind her. Sometimes, she will try to climb the steps one step at a time. Those are some pretty big steps for a little one year old!

Just last Saturday, we had Madison’s first birthday party here at home. Mummy and Daddy were very stressed putting it together. We both wanted it to go just perfectly. Apparently, there was no need to put ourselves through that! It seemed to go off without a hitch. The main thing was that Madison and her little friends had a good time. We had Teaghan, Tybee, Tatum, Lyndsay, Lindsay and Hannah, Mollie, Darragh, and Addison here to help Madison celebrate. We had the play room set up downstairs with all of Madison’s toys to share. Included was the activity table that Mummy and Daddy got her for her birthday, and the beautiful panda rocker that Sally gave her. Both were great hits. Madison also received a lot of beautiful presents (which were not expected!). We had cheerios, goldfish, and jello for the kiddies and for the grown up kids and the parents, we served a 4 1/2 foot long sub sandwich, hot red chili (it was below freezing outside), 2 quiches, and a frittata, and of course, birthday cake. Everyone sung “Happy Birthday” to our special little girl and Mummy led the “Hip, Hip, Hooray!” It was a very big day for everyone and we ALL slept very well that night!

On Madison’s actual birthday, last Thursday, we took plenty of video of her waking up and having her very first birthday cake. Mummy and Daddy surprised their special girl with a cool activity table, a cell phone, and a book for her birthday. She opened her presents when Daddy got home from work that night. You can see photos of the birthday celebrations (both from Thursday and her party on Saturday) in the photos page under Milestones for Madison – 1st Birthday.

Some other things that have happened since Thanksgiving include a visit to see Santa for the very first time (see Holiday Fun – Christmas). Yeah, Santa! Santa even gave Madison a Christmas jigsaw puzzle. He said that she had been a very good girl. Mummy and Daddy already knew that, though! I think that Santa might even visit us and come down our chimney on Christmas Eve because of how good Madison has been!

Mummy and Madison also started a tradition. We two girls went to the Doll’s Tea Party that is held every year at The Oxford Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Lots of little girls get all dressed up and they sit at tables while their Mummys, Grandmas, and/or Aunts sit at tables around them. Madison sat at a table with Mummy, though, because she is too little to sit on her own right now. She was lucky enough to be able to sit next to Kaylee Michna and her Mommy, Maggie. After the tea party (where the girls sipped hot chocolate and nibbled on cookies and cakes, etc.), some ballerinas performed for them all. Madison was fixated on the ballerinas and you can see some pictures of them in the Holiday Fun photos -Thanksgiving.

It has been a fun couple of months.┬á Very hectic.┬á A little stressful.┬á We wouldn’t change anything for the world, though.┬á We are so happy with our little angel.


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