Jan 29


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It’s quiet here. Madison is taking her afternoon nap, the dog is snoring, and all of our family has left. I have enjoyed the past few weeks so much.

We had such a great time with Great Grandma Agnes, Jim, Mary, Kaitlin, and Connor, Sally and Keith, Stephanie, and Karsten (shu shu) over from 22nd December through Christmas and up until 29th December when Stephanie headed back to Texas. On the night of the 22nd, we had Kurt and Karsten cooking up a storm in our kitchen. Everyone was here except Kaitlin who was still in Spain at that time. This was the first time that Madison had been able to meet Great Grandma Agnes, so there were a lot of photos and video taken. The next night, we were treated to dinner at the Duffey home. Always delicious and this was no exception! Christmas Eve was back at our place and Kaitlin had flown in that afternoon. Another photo opportunity! Kurt and Karsten prepared our traditional ciopino for dinner that night and Mummy and Daddy wrote a letter to Santa for Madison because she is just a little too young to be able to write one herself this year. We understand that Santa had already flown over Australia so he must have been on his way here by the time Madison went to bed.

On Christmas morning, we woke up to a white Christmas and it didn’t stop snowing all day! Karsten, Stephanie, Sally, Keith, Kurt, Kelly, and Madison all drove over to see Jim, Mary, Kaitlin, Connor, Great Grandma Agnes, Hellie, Jean, and Jonathan at the Duffey household and, amazingly, we found out that Santa had left a lot of presents there for Madison! So many presents that Mummy felt quite overwhelmed helping to open them all! We had a lovely breakfast and basically relaxed for the rest of the day. Christmas dinner was also over at the Duffey’s and it was just lovely to have everyone there together.

On the day that Stephanie headed off, Saturday 29th December 2008, Kelly’s family flew in. They had flown from Australia and spent a few days in San Francisco. Their flight was due in at 6:50pm but with all the excitement, I forgot to check the flight to see if it was on time or not. It wasn’t. There was almost a two hour delay. I had also forgotten to pack Madison’s diaper bag with her formula in it. Well, Daddy did a fantastic job keeping Madison occupied at the airport. She looked adorable all dressed up in her holiday dress with the black stockings that have the red ribbons on them. When it was time, we all waited at the top of the escalator and there they came…Grandma, Grandpa, and cousin Dale. It was their first meeting with Madison and it was very special. That was until we all got in the car and Madison decided to tell everyone that Mummy had forgotten to bring her formula! As soon as we got home, though, and Madison had her drink, she turned back into “Grandma’s treasure girl” as she is now known. Grandma was amazed at how well behaved Madison is and how happy she seems to be. Each morning, Madison and I would go downstairs to give Grandma her breakfast in bed. Madison had a lot of fun playing with Grandma’s hat and gloves, her slippers, the suitcase, Grandpa’s slippers, Tanti Eil’s shoes and Dale’s shaving cream! It wasn’t long before she knew who everyone was and was feeling totally comfortable with all of her family!

We did a lot of things while Grandma, Grandpa, and Dale were here. We went to a couple of Colorado Avalanche hockey games, visited the zoo (Madison’s first visit), we went to the huge antique mall (Grandma really enjoyed that), we saw the Byers-Evans House, the Denver Mint, the State Capitol, we celebrated Grandma and Grandpa’s 44th anniversary by giving them a night at The Oxford Hotel (complete with anniversary cake, champagne, rose petal turndown, and a long stemmed rose as well as a book that Eils, Dale, Kurt, Madison, and I had made for them), we went up to Vail (Kurt and Dale had a day of skiing), we had dinner with friends up in Minturn (also celebrating Grandma and Grandpa’s anniversary), and we went out to dinner a few times (thank you Mum and Dad!).

Madison started walking on the 3rd January 2008 and she hasn’t stopped since!┬á She turned 13 months old on 13th January and had her one year doctor’s checkup the next day.┬á She seemed to enjoy Dr. Gustafson’s stethascope but didn’t enjoy the shots so much.┬á However, now she is all caught up with her shots until her 15 month checkup in March.

I was very sad when everyone had to leave on January 22nd. I still am but Madison is keeping me laughing and Kurt, as always, is my rock. He reminds me that we are now closer to the next time we’ll see everyone. It is very quiet around here, though.



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