Mar 6

More words and actions

Category: Home again

Madison has some vocabulary now.¬† She can say baby, bowl, and shoe and can be understood.¬† She is also having fun saying “dude” and “woe” which sound more like “dooooooooooo” and “woooooooooooooh”, apple and grapes which sound like “ad-da” and “ge ge”, and up and down which sound like “uh” and “dooooooon”. ¬† The other day, I asked her if I should make myself a cuppa tea and she said what I think was “cuppajabba”.¬†¬† She is just too cute!¬† She nods vigorously when a question is asked of her that requires yes for an answer.¬† Her sign language vocabulary includes car, eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner), change, book, and many more.¬† Just a while ago, she discovered her belly button and how to blow on food to cool it down.¬†¬†¬† Today, though, she did something that almost blew me away.¬† She was walking around the family room with her sippy cup (which she has just started using this week) and she accidently turned it upside down so a couple of drops spilled onto the floor.¬† I was up in the kitchen and I heard “o, oh”.¬† I looked over the railing to find her holding her cloth and bending over to clean up the spill!¬† I was very impressed!


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