Aug 16

An amazing year

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This year has been an amazing one.¬† We have seen so many changes and we have been amazed by what our little girl can do.¬†¬† Madi, at 20 months, is now looking like a toddler.¬† She walks, or should I say runs, everywhere.¬† In fact, last night and this morning, while watching the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Madi was running around the family room, apparently racing against herself.¬† Her Dad would say “Ready, set…” and Madi would finish with “Go!”.¬†¬† She didn’t start running, though, until Daddy played one of her instruments and then she would go.¬†¬† She kept on going and going and going…and going.

We have started learning how to count now.¬† I’ll say “One.¬† What’s after one?”.¬† “Two”.¬† “Right, two.¬† What’s after two?”.¬† “Sree”.¬† “Three, you’re right!”. ¬† “How many shoes do you have?”.¬† “Two shoes”.

We’re also beginning to read the alphabet.¬† “A B B”.¬† “Right, A B C”.¬† “A B B”. ¬† Madi can point out the letters “D” (because D is for Daddy), “G”, “M”, “O”, “S”, and “T”.¬† She puts her arms out like a T. ¬†¬† Madison can also read what’s on the picture above her change table.¬† It’s her name with pictures of fish, seashells, and seahorses around it. ¬† Whenever someone asks her what her name is, she tells them now.¬† She has been saying her name since July 20th.¬† “What’s your name?”.¬† “Mad-i-duh!”.¬† “How old are you?”.¬† “One!” she tells them, with her pointer finger up in the air.

“Daddy.¬† DADDY.¬† D-A-D-D-Y!”¬† “Mummy, MUMMY, M-U-M-M-Y!”¬† “That’s very good, Madison.¬† That was loud.¬† Now can you whisper?” ¬† “Daddy, Mummy” she whispers.¬† “Now that was really good!”

We both love watching her figure things out, seeing what she will do next.   We love it when she is in her carseat and falls asleep.   We love it when she gives us Eskimo kisses, and we love it when she giggles.  It has just been an amazing year so far.  We love it all!



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