Sep 9

365 days later…………..

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Well here it is, 1 year ago we were introduced to our lovely Madison for the first time. Hard to believe how quickly that went. Thinking back on it, it was quite a day one year ago. We woke up in Hong Kong on the 9th knowing that at some point later that day, we would be with her. After a 2 hour flight to Nanchang, we arrived in a rainstorm to the Provincial capital city, full of anxiety and excitement. We found out on the bus to the hotel that we would see the babies in 4 hours!!! Holy (you know what!) At 5 pm the orphanage director and his staff brought the girls into the ballroom one by one. We were the second couple called, at that moment, our lives were brightened forever. The balance of that evening was a mixture of tears, laughs and lots of ear to ear grins. Such a relief that the long wait was finally over. We spent the next 6 days doing the necessary rounds of appointments with governmental officials, sightseeing with the other families, and settling into a groove as a family. So many memorable firsts, bottles, baths, smiles, giggles, and even poops!! Funny, the things that you thought may not be that important, really are.

Such an incredible trip that was. China is such an incredibly astounding experience. We were so fortunate to have had the chance to see many of the different “types” of China that we saw and experienced. Trust me when I say that City/Tourist China is dramatically different from rural China. It made no diffence for us, no matter where we were, in the cities (Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Nanchang) or in the rural areas of the Jiangxi Province, it was the people that we remember most. Don’t get me wrong, we saw some incredible sights, and had meals I will always savor and remember (mmmmm……..Peking Duck in Beijing……mmmmmm) but the people and their warmth and hospitality will always stick out. Believe me, if you want to go somewhere were the locals always welcome you with open arms and no request is denied, go to China. I know we will return, sooner than later I hope.

Our Madison is really a treat to enjoy. She has brought so much love and joy to our lives, I cannot even begin to explain it. I think its safe to say that for both Kelly and myself, this (parenting) has been the most rewarding experience of our lives. I am sure there will come a moment or two where there will be challenges and trials, but that too shall pass, and is part of this incredible journey we are now on. Watching a person grow and learn is the most rewarding thing about being a parent. I am constantly reminded, daily, at how precious and wonderous life is, I thank Madison for showing and sharing that with me. She is a beautiful girl, in so many ways. As excited and in awe of all that’s already been experienced, I am really anxious for the next few phases of her growth, more words, conversations and discoveries, and the constant evoloution of that wonderful personality.

We spent today together a a family unit, from breakfast, to a long walk with Yarra, then a picnic at the zoo. Watching and listening to Madison make the animal noises, and seeing her smile and laugh was truly the high point of the day. Tonight we will make Pizza here at home, sort of a recreation of our first night together in Nanchang when our guides from CCAI ordered everyone in the group Pizza Hut, and had it delivered to our rooms. They understood that our minds were elsewhere, and nutrition was needed in some fashion or another. One things for sure, our toppings choices are bit more mild tonight than the options presented in Nanchang. Well, off to roll out dough, and decorate a pie or two with Madison.  One year, truly amazing.


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