Jun 24

Fingerprints again

Category: Adoption Again

How many times can one person be fingerprinted?¬† We just went in today to be fingerprinted AGAIN.¬† It seemed to take forever.¬† Perhaps it just felt like forever because Madi was overtired and running around faster than we could keep up with her.¬† Perhaps it was because when it was almost our turn to be fingerprinted (I was number 16 and Kurt was number 18), they called out “14, 15, anyone to be fingerprinted?” and a guy who had number fifty something piped up with yes and they said “come on then” and then all of us before him became a little agitated!¬† Perhaps it was the fact that the guy taking my prints (who was very nice and was volunteering) printed my right hand twice instead of one right and one left and then we had to start all over again.¬† Then Kurt came in and within a matter of about 5 more minutes we were out of there.¬† Our prints only last 15 months (hmmmmm, I believe I’ve had them all my life, but they tell me they last only 15 months), so I’m sure we’ll be going through this joyous activity again at some point.¬†¬† I’m looking past that now, though.¬† We have taken another step towards our second child, so we’re getting closer.



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