Jul 16


Category: Adoption Again

Life is busy right now.¬† We have the move to Australia happening on 3rd August which is less than three weeks away.¬† There are Customs forms to complete for the household goods we’re taking, there are things to do with Yarra before he can go (buy a kennel that suits the travel requirements, a final vet check, booking him on the plane – it can only be done 10 days prior to departure, among other things), I have to find a good home for my budgie, there is luggage to purchase so that we can take as much clothing and knick knacks that we think we would need immediately on our arrival, and we have a whole list of little odds and ends that have to be done. ¬†¬† Meanwhile, we continue to work.¬† I think my last day will by July 27th (in 11 days).¬† On top of all that, we have our second adoption paperwork that we’re trying to complete before the move (to make things easier!).¬†¬† My Dad has been wonderful and has obtained a certified copy of my birth certificate but the Chinese consulate in Australia needs to see my passport to authenticate the document, so that will have to wait until I arrive there.¬†¬† I’m just waiting on my doctor’s appointment which is set for tomorrow (July 17th) and the results from those tests, as well as Madison’s doctor’s appointment on July 24th and the paperwork from that before I go to the Secretary of State at 1700 Broadway in Denver to have all of the documents I have certified.¬† Then I can send them to the Chinese consulate here in the US to have them authenticated.¬†¬†¬† We still need another one or two social worker visits on top of that.¬† Oh, yes…and the closing for our house is set for July 24th as well.¬† Can someone please stop the world, just for a minute?¬† I need some time! ¬† Next on the list…finding jobs in Melbourne, finding a home, finding transport options, and I’m sure there will be more – I just can’t think that far ahead right now.

Heading for the next part of our lives…please stay with us!



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