Sep 9

Family Day 2009

Yesterday was Family Day (Wednesday 09/09/09)!¬† Madison is now having real conversations with us.¬† She likes to repeat everything we say, but she also says things all on her own.¬†¬† She likes testing us at times.¬† If we ask her to do something, she will often either run away or ignore us.¬†¬† We have to put our feet down firmly sometimes.¬†¬† Often, when she is noisy and busy, it’s a sure sign that she is tired.¬† We used to be able to tell that she was tired when her pointer and middle fingers of her left hand would go into her mouth, but now, more often than not, it’s when she is running around and chatting to herself.¬† The concept of potty training was put on hold during our move.¬† We’ve now started to ease back into it.¬† Still seems like a long way off, but the updates may tell a different story since she has only about 3 more months until her 3rd birthday.

We celebrated meeting each other and becoming a family for the first time two years ago by going out to dinner last night, just the three of us.¬† It was a rainy, cold, windy day in Melbourne, so there wasn’t much to do outside during the day (which is where Madi would have liked to have been).¬† Mummy, Madi, and Yarra did take a walk together around the streets near our house.¬†¬† Daddy was working hard all day, so it was nice to go out together when he got home.¬†¬† Today is our Adoption Day anniversary.¬† Yes, we became a family before our adoption was finalized.

This time of year, we remember all of our friends who have been adopted.   A lot of happy families were made two years ago!

Happy Family Day!



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